Friday, December 2, 2005

Some old projects to share

Since I haven't done anything quilty in a few days, I thought I would share some old projects. I was hired to make this purple quilt for my sister and BIL to give to their niece as a high school graduation present. Guess what her favorite color is! This led to a lot of left over purple fabric which eventually got made into the baby quilt below.

This little wallhanging or tablerunner was made for my daughter's school's auction last year. My sweet SIL bid on it! I told her I would make her one for free if she would just ask! Nina did the quilting on it for me!
I made these batik blocks to go with some blocks Nina has started. We were going to make a quilt for her nephew's high school graduation. We thought he needed a cool quilt to take off to college. After we started this one, we discovered that the boy's mom was making him a quilt. Up until this point, she was only a collector of fabric. So now Nines has a nice collection of batik blocks!


  1. What fun to see some of your older pieces Sarah ! They look great. We all have a place where we started and things we made before we began bloggers. I think it's fun to share them and their history. Thanks for posting these. I like ALL of them..the batik blocks are just gorgeous..but I suppose they work best with more batik blocks..right?

  2. those batik blocks are so much fun! Hope they make it into an FO someday!

  3. Ohmygoodness, Sarah! Thanks for the eye-candy this morning!!! Each pic/quilt just gets tastier than the last!

    I've got a neice who LOVES purple! And would you believe...her sister-with-the-quilt-store...had a purple, crushed (faux) velvet bedspread back in the early 70's! Purple-loving must be genetic!

    Great to see and hear about your past projects, Sarah...and glad you have them documented!


  4. What a wonderful day to start a gloomy day here in KS. Everything is wonderful! I think I like the baby quilt the best. No wait, maybe it's the batik blocks. No, it's gotta be that purple quilt! Well, maybe all of them? LOL

  5. I love those purple quilts... I have a purple UFO quilt... I also love how you made the second quilt.

  6. Oh that purple 16 patch is wonderful! I"ve made that design before for baby quilts in baby colors but never thought to do it in such bold colors! I love it.

    And the baby quilt made out of the scraps is great! Oh the quilting on the table runner is wonderful! Very cool idea Nina!

    You and Nina must really miss each other!

  7. I love the purple 16 patch. You did a great Job.

  8. I love the purple quilts...such fun!