Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

I want to wish all my blog-land friends a very merry Christmas. May you be surrounded by good friends, good family, and good food. Hope everyone has safe travels wherever you may be headed.

We are having Christmas day at home, by ourselves! Wow, we must really be adults! Then on Monday we will head up to Tennessee to be with my parents and my sister's family. My parents have big plans for DH - he gets the fun job of painting the high parts of the stairway since he is the only one in the family with out a fear of heights! What they do not realize is that his fee for painting high spaces is double what he charges for his architectural services!

We were overcome with insanity today and actually went to the mall for about an hour. We had lunch in the food court (yummy!) and then the kids went in search of presents for mommy dearest! We made it out alive and came home to take a nap!

DS was cuddling in bed with me last night and I asked him what he wanted for christmas. He told me a wanted a "real" gun and an electric guitar. I am not sure what he thinks he needs a real gun for! And an electric guitar? I told him he needs to start on a regular guitar and then once he has mastered that he can move up to an electric guitar. (And yes, he is getting a guitar.) I see a noise-filled house in my future! How can it get any noisier?

Anyway.... hope you all have a wonderful christmas and I hope Santa brings you what you wished for!


  1. I love my presents!!! It came this afternoon. The balls are beautiful and I love the colors. the kitchen towels are great!! You know how hard it is to keep any in the drawer around here!! I am planning on wearing the sweater to church, tomorrow. I love the color and the cotton is so soft. Thank you for the phone card! You are so thoughtful. Where did you find the scrap books? They are very cool and I am thinkin' that I might need to save them for a particular June project- matching ones of our mini-retreat. Wouldn't that be swell? I love you and hope you are having a wonderful xmas. Gonna have to try the cookies. Just what the diabetic needs, huh? Kisses all around! Nines

  2. Merry Christmas to you too Sarah! Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day - I have been enjoying yours since you joined the Mavericks and Nina's since you told us to wave hello to her. :)

    I hope you don't mind me linking to your blog from mine - it's definately one of my favorites! :)