Thursday, December 29, 2005

No, I have not disappeared!

We have returned from Tennessee and are home for a while! Do you hear the relief in my voice? I have had too much time sitting in the car from Thanksgiving until now. My BIL came home sick from work yesterday so we went to a motel last night. Mostly so we wouldn't get his creeping crud, but also to not inflict him with the extra noise of two more children on top of his own three. Since my parents are currently living in a 28 foot travel trailer, we could not go stay with them. DH had finished painting both stairwells, so we decided to head on home this morning. We kind of dilly-dallied along the way. We went by OpryMills mall for about an hour so DH could check out the bike shops and then drove to the south side of town and had lunch at "My Little Italy". Yummy pizza. By the time we got to the south side of Birmingham, we needed a potty break so we stopped at Hobby Lobby! Found lots of cute fabric on clearance! And to those of you that are wondering about my purchases, IT IS NOT THE NEW YEAR YET!!!! My DH asked the same question! Actually over half of it is getting sent to Nina! Haha! Some of it is even ORANGE!

We are all thankful to be home. Now we get some time to relax before DD and DH go back to school at the end of next week.

To keep this quilty, here is a picture of a quilt made by DH's great grandmother. I saw two quilts folded up on a shelf at Thanksgiving and asked Aunt Judy what they were. One was this quilt with pink appliqued flowers. The other is a brown and red Irish chain made by her husband's grandmother. Both quilts are in excellent condition and have obviously been well loved and cared for through the years.


  1. Have to say I missed you..*VBS* So glad you are all home safe and sound again..and even had some fun shopping..*VBG* You are right, it's NOT the new year yet!

    Great the Irish Chain.

  2. Glad you made it home safely with FABRIC even. Now don't catch that cold and have some fun.

  3. I like the quilting on the IC 0 the cross-hatch was unexpected....

  4. I'm so glad you are home and safe. The quilts are gorgeous, I absolutely love the Irish Chain! What treasures...

  5. Welcome Home, Sarah!

    Those family heirlooms are awesome! So glad you took time to snap some photos.