Thursday, December 8, 2005

More kaleidoscope quilts!

I thought I would share the kaleidoscope quilts that I have made. This one was made out of a cool Hawaiian print fabric that I found at JoAnn's. It was the second one that I made. Me and Nina made a total of about 4 of these kaleidoscope quilts in the span of one week after I learned the method on Simply Quilts.

This is the very first one I made. It was made out of a wild floral print that I found at... WALMART for $1.00 a yard. I know you are all shocked and appalled! I didn't want to waste expensive fabric on something I wasn't sure was going to work. It turned out to be kind of a strange size - kind of long and skinny.

This one with the olive green background was made with a fabric that looked like Italian plates, artichokes and other veggies on it. You can see the fabric better in the second photo. I also used the fabric as the backing. That way I can show people what I used to make the kaleidoscope blocks. No one ever believes that all these different looking blocks can come from the same fabric. This quilt I gave to my MIL, who uses it underneath a tablecloth as a pad for her glass top table. UGH! I know she loves the quilt but ....


  1. Have to say I'm really partial to that wintry snowflake kaleidescope (I do so love the combination of blue and white), but they're all wonderful.

  2. Someday I'm going to make one of those.

  3. These are so great! I love the blue and white one that looks like snowflakes! The funniest one I ever saw was a stack n whack made out of these chorus line dancing girl was HILARIOUS, there were kicking legs everywhere!


  4. You've got the cutiest kids..what a sweetie Ian is, and Maddie has a priceless smile.

    Love the quilts is your method(via simply quilts) the same as stack and whack? I love the look but lack the confidence to make one.

    I applaud you using el-cheapo fabric...nothing like making a new pattern from the high end stuff, and then hating it!! Also, I used to find batiks at WalMart at the $1 a yard one seemed to know what they were...LOL..that has changed..LO>

  5. These are really beautiful. Every time I see a quilt that I know was made by hand, I remember days as a child being safe and warm at grandma's. Thanks for sharing these.

  6. What fun stack n whack quilts. I am on the lookout for some good tropical fabric to do one also! After xmas I have to start looking harder!