Monday, December 5, 2005

It's done and out of here!

I finished the binding and the label for "We're singing the blues!" on Saturday. We hosted the college age bible class last night. Our preacher usually teaches the class so I talked his wife into coming along too. When I handed her the quilt, she said "What's this?". I told her it was a quilt for them and she said "But I didn't want to cry tonight!" When we unfolded it, she said she loved it, especially because it was blue! David (our preacher), refused to look at it because he didn't want to start crying!

This label was made using an iron on outline that you then go over in fabric marker. I also used some fabric crayons to color in the flowers. This was the first time I had used the fabric crayons.

Here is a close up of the BIG meandering I did. Goes nice and quick!


  1. Love the label and the quilt! What a wonderful gift!

    Judy L.

  2. Sarah the quilt is gorgeous and so is the label. You did a really great job on that. It's a new concept to me..the way you made the way..but how that you colored it.

  3. Its beautiful Sarah! I love gifts that give the 'cry' reaction!! :cD

    Great idea for the label too!


  4. Great Job, Sarah! Isn't it nice to finish a quilt? Well, I wouldn't know 'cause I'm still chuggin' along on your 108" square quilt. But I'm havin' fun. I ran out of Baguette- hopin' to get some in the mail, today. I'd love to meet you in Nashville, when your mom finishes her house! Miss ya!