Wednesday, November 30, 2005

New Family members

Please welcome the newest members of our family! A friend from church offered to bring us some little turtles from her parents' turtle farm. We are required to say they are for "Educational Purposes"! They are so tiny - about the size of a silver dollar. One is darker than the other. DD has named hers Barbie. Aren't you surprised? And DS has named his Stacy, after my DH! Oh the love of a 4 year old! I am not good with living things - plants, fish, flowers. We will see how long these will last. We had a beta fish when DS was a baby that refused to die. We didn't feed him, didn't clean his bowl and yet he refused to give up the fight!

I love the design on the bottom side of these little guys. Isn't it cool?


  1. Barbie & Stacy!! *LOL* There is nothing so fun as to watch children filled with wonder and delight at any kind of pet...even the underwater kind!


  2. Barbie and Stacy are just adorable...names! LOL! Actually, the little creatures are really cute, I must say. Very cool designs on their tummy, yes...are you feeling a quilt coming on, inspired by your little hard-shelled friends?! ;-) Something blueish-green and Batiky, perhaps?

    Good luck with them!


  3. They are adorable... but I'd really prefer looking at some of the older members of your family, say 4 and 6! love, grams

  4. Cute little things, aren't they? And when they die, you could always use that bottom shell as a stamp and just rubber stamp that design on fabric.....eeeewwwww! LOL!