Monday, February 27, 2006

Nina - go lie down!

I am sure that Nina is shocked to the point of fainting that I am making ANOTHER blue quilt! I have tried to warn all of you that I am stuck in a very deep blue and yellow rut! At least there is no yellow in this quilt - so far! I was wanting something mindless to work on this afternoon and I already had all the blue strips and the squares already cut. So I sat down and started making ten blocks. Finished them up tonight while DD was doing her reading to me.

Thursday is DD's 7th b-day! Which also means Nina's daughters' b-days are also both coming up. Eva was born exactly 5 days after Maddie. We didn't know each other then. We didn't meet until they were about 5 months old and we both moved to Muncie, Indiana.
This is Maddie and Eva right around their first b-day. Nina made the cute dresses for them. Maddie is in the blue and Eva is in the yellow. We have been in Alabama for two and half years and I think the girls still miss each other. Maddie has been praying for "Eva and her brain" lately! Happy b-day Maddie, Bekah and Eva!


  1. Such cute girls, together!

    And if I look realllll hard, I can see the hint of yellow in that striped fabric (horizontal), but I love the tones of this blue one!

  2. What darlings! Happy birthday to all three from North Dakota!!!

    Those dresses are precious. What fantastic Moms those girls have!

  3. What a different look your all blue PB quilt looks. I still need to put that quilt on my 'to do' list.

  4. LOL, I can see a few spots of yellow that crept into that quilt! Gorgeous blue and white combination and those girls look so sweet and cute with their lovely dresses.

  5. cute are they? Time sure does fly, doesn't it?

  6. Cute girls and darling dresses!

    Judy L.

  7. your blue and yellow goes way back-by the photo of the gorgeous girls!
    looks like Nina's influence to me *vbs* too adorable! love the latest blue and white pineapple blossom-looks great

  8. Well, if you're going to be in a rut, blue and yellow is a good rut to be in. Cute little girls, too.