Monday, February 6, 2006

My beautiful color wheel

Just wanted to show you a picture of my beautiful framed color wheel. Tonight at Walmart I found the perfect sized frame. It is actually made to frame record covers. Remember records? Anyway, it is a great fit! Now it is hanging over my desk in my sewing room. I am so excited to have it where I can see it all the time. I had Maddie sign the bottom right corner and I dated it. Someday, when Maddie is a famous artist, I can look at this and remember when she was just my little girl.

I was telling Nines this afternoon that I have come up with another "B" that needs to be allowed under the no-buy resolution rules. Baby. I have several important babies that are needing quilts. My cousin and his wife are expecting a baby girl in June. And another very dear person, that I am not at liberty to divulge, is expecting a baby in September. Don't worry, it is no one you know, but I am just worried about who might accidentally drop by my world famous blog! I know I have no pinks left in my stash so what am I to do? The second expecting couple doesn't think they will find out what they are going to have so I may need to make a generic quilt. I do not have many kid friendly colors or prints left in my stash after all these Project Linus quilts.


  1. The color wheel is beautiful! And what a good mother you are to frame it... tell Maddie I like it very much. I was wondering if you would like for me to hand-quilt the quilt for that September baby... and I had a note from Charlie this morning saying they would tell us colors very soon. I love you! mom

  2. Great-looking piece of art, Sarah...and Maddie! I can even see a hint of designs that are *quilted* into the triangles.

    This is where all great artists begin....

  3. Yes, I think B for Baby fabric should be legal. Every baby should have a new quilt.

  4. a wonderful, heart warming piece of precious art from your daughter-imagine how good it also makes her feel to see it up and framed!

  5. I love the framed color wheel, I am so happy you did that. Maddie must feel so special and you have a picture you will treasure forever....
    I agree B for Baby quilt is ok to buy fabric for.....
    I will add it to my B lists allowed too :)

  6. The color wheel by your fabulous artist daughter looks great framed. Very fun.