Friday, February 17, 2006

Abigail - the girl who loves pink

Last night, while listening to DD read to me for 45 minutes, I got the blocks finished for Abby's quilt. I immediately laid them out and took a picture and emailed it to Abby. I called my sister and told her to pull it up. Abby wouldn't talk to me on the phone (sister said she was in "a mood") but in the background I hear her scream "It's all together - It's all together"! At which point - her brother points out that I am missing two squares on the bottom. I am thinking I might piece (ala Tonya) "to Abby " in one block and "Love Yaya" in the other. The squares are only 8.5 inches so it would be some small lettering - but I bet it would be cute.

Earlier yesterday I finished the binding and labels on the last two Project Linus quilts. I even got dressed, went out and dropped them off at the sewing center. I think I have made a total of 14 baby sized quilts since August, and that's not counting the 2 that my mother absconded with! Used up lots of stash and helped a worthy cause.

Today I think I will decide on a pattern for Taylor's quilt. Taylor will be 4 in April and is a favorite playmate of DS. Here are Ian and Taylor, testing a quilt for me. Last summer I collected pinks and browns to make her a quilt for her new bedroom. Here are the fabrics I collected. I have a couple of ideas floating around in my head. Scary, I know. Bonnie's pineapple pattern is calling to me. Decisions, decisions.


  1. I love the colors of this quilt...I really like orange and pink together. I know it's a weird taste, but I really like it!!


  2. I think your Pretty In Pink quilt is just swesome! I certainly can see why she'll love it, and if you can fit the words in, that would ba a nice touch!!

    Congratulations on the high appraisal!! That is wonderful!! We knew you did great you know it too..*VBS*

  3. I love the ideas for the lettering, Sarah! You will show us, won't you?!