Monday, April 17, 2006

Wow! I actually accomplished something!

Looking at my house, you wouldn't think anything got done today, but you would be wrong. I folded and put away at least 6 loads of laundry. Changed the sheets on my bed. Did two loads of dishes. Cooked pancakes for dinner. I also managed to sew a little. First of all I finished assembling the rows for the backing for this quilt. It is kind of scrappy, no? Uses up only 56 of my pre-cut 10.5 inch blocks. Seems like a backing should use up more squares than that! Seems like a lot more fabric when you buy yardage for it.

When I was walking through the kitchen, I noticed this Ball canning jar that I got from my Grandma a few weeks ago. Why, you may ask, would someone want a huge canning jar? Anyone, anyone? Where in the U.S.A. were Ball jars originally made? Still don't know? Muncie, Indiana! Home to our family for four wonderful years. So when I look at this jar, I don't see a jar, I see Muncie! I think of moving there with my new baby daughter and buying our first house. I think of meeting my kindred spirit and learning to quilt (in spite of a certain someone - K.B!). I think of Maddie and Evie playing together. I think of taking hypnobirthing classes with Bill and Nina. I think of Nina rushing to my house when my mom called her because my sister had just lost her twins and was she worried I would go into premature labor. When I think of Muncie - I think of Nina and her family. Amazing what a little canning jar can bring to mind!

Enough of my rambling! I also managed to get the binding on this baby quilt. I am in love with this one too! I just want to run out and buy some strawberries and some chocolate! I don't know the mommy-to-be very well so I hope she likes it.

I delivered the 30's baby quilt last night. Little did I know that the recipient was right there. Oops! I hope the grandma wasn't trying to keep it a secret. They both seemed to love it. The daddy complained that it wasn't really big enough to cover him up adequately! Now, I just have to hide this money away so I can spend it at my mini-retreat with Nina in June! I am definitely going to go searching for some of those fabrics that Susan showed on her blog today. Remember to bring comfy shoes, Nines!


  1. Your quilts, and backs are always so HAPPY! And boy oh boy - are you ever cooking getting so much done! Feels good, eh?

  2. Although I haven't made individual comments - I am liking ALL the quilts you have shown recently - this strawberry chocolate one is just as great as the blue squares baby, 30's baby and blue pineapple!!! Really lovely.

    And, your post made me smile with a happy memory - my Mom used to make us pancakes for dinner every once in awhile too.



  3. I love the pink and brown quilt! Actually I have loved all the quilts you have done lately. Keep the quilt show coming!!

  4. The border on the pink and brown quilt is perfect - I'd have a tough time giving that one away too! It's funny how ordinary things remind us of good times and family. Every time I see a certain small glass dish I think of my nana and poppa and going to their house for tea, and the rhubarb flummery desserts she used to make :-)

  5. Girls, I think we've created a monster! YOuu are just "goin' to town" aren't you? That pink quilt is way, way cool and now I need to make one!! Like I need another project!! Think how cool one would be in a queen size with rounds like court house steps- oooo. I like VERY much. There are so many things scattered around my house that remind me of you, and I am holding my breath until June. I'm turning a little blue around the edges. Why don't you pick the dates? Try to give us 4 days. See what "Lizzie" thinks. Now she'll shoot me, huh? You do such beautiful work, Sarah. I'm so proud.

  6. BTW- Eva has an appointment at Riley, today. An EEG and neurologist appt. Wish us luck!

  7. Sarah - I just absolutley love that chocolate and strawberries quilt. I want it so bad! I just love the colors and fabrics. I may have to look for some to do it like yours - it is amazing. And I agree with you - whenever I try and use up stash as backings it never seems to use up enough! But boy if you buy backing it seems like a lot! Love your Ball jar - I have so many of those in my basement. I love using them for putting things in and vases!