Saturday, April 22, 2006

3 months, 21 days, 10 hours

Hello. It's me. I am down here, under the wagon. That would be the "no-buying" wagon that I fell off of today! I blame it all on the Girl Scouts. They don't get blamed for nearly enough things in my opinion. Anyway, today I drove Maddie down to a GS camp outside of Columbus, Georgia for a brownie day-camp thing. Four hours long. Too short a time to drive the hour+ back home - so what is a girl to do? Come prepared! (Isn't that the boy scout motto?) Being the overly prepared person that I am (stop your snickering Nina!), I Yahoo'ed quilt stores before I left home. I also looked up the address of Hobby Lobby. When I pulled into the Hobby Lobby parking lot, what do I spy but a store called "Sew Much Fun". Not something that turned up on my yahoo search. Very cute store. One slightly crabby clerk, one nice clerk! How can someone be crabby working in a quilt store? I succumbed to my lust - caved in and bought some lime green fabrics. All for me! I have been wanting to make a lime green wall hanging for my sewing room. I think I may use the free hand curve technique. Something along the lines of this. Can't wait to get started!

The rest of my purchases were more along the predictable lines. I was hoping there was enough of the brown with pink flowers for the backing of the full-size pink pineapples quilt, but of course there wasn't it. So it may end up being the border. Or maybe it will end up as something else!

The other three were too cute to resist, especially the two on the right because the were on sale for half price. I know, I know - really lame excuse!

OK, I am now climbing back on the wagon - at least until June 19th. This is the date me and Nines are meeting in Tennessee for our own mini-retreat! I am making no promises for my spending behavior that week. I am counting on Nina to help enforce some sort of restraint on me!


  1. The greens are great! Really lovely! I am so glad you are off that ridiculous wagon- life is too short to live with such guilt- over fabric? I think not! Don't look at me to restrain you! This is a once in a... well, I don't know how often, but well, I intend to eat lots of chocolate and buy whatever fabric I fancy and can afford. Wow. A confession before the fact. Shameless, I know. I never said I was a good influence. I want a little nibble of that zig zaggy polka dotty thing! Love you!

  2. I love those greens - and before I read what you are going to do with them, I was thinking how cool they would be in one of those squares in squares small quilts (like the boy's blue one) you just did. So now, I am anxious to see the curves, too!

  3. Those lime greens are stunning! Glad you're back on the wagon again, but it IS a lot of fun when falling off and rolling along into the fabric shop LOL

  4. Really great lime greens Sarah ! I think resisting them would have almost been sinful...and your sewing room deserves a new wall quilt. You've been sooooo good all year!

  5. You can't be blamed. I think quilt stores purposely locate themselves next to Girl Scout Camps for that very reason. The Fabric Shack in Waynesville, Oh is WAY too close to our Girl Scout Camp. I can usually resist when I take the girls, but get me on an R&R Weekend with other leaders and there's no self control for the quilters in the group.