Friday, January 13, 2006

The fabric that wouldn't end

Yes, I have already made two baby quilts out of these same fabrics, but I had leftovers...still. The fabric would not be used up. It kept growing and growing. I think the little 4 inch squares were reproducing at night. This top finally used up the last of the bright yellow print. It has no rhyme or reason but it is bright and I think some kid will like it. I hope!

Now I have four baby quilt tops sitting here, taunting me. They are saying "Where did all your good intentions go?" They know I have to clean up my end-of-the-year paperwork mess before I can get around to quilting them. My sewing room/office is tiny. The huge Hinterberg quilting machine with its ten foot table takes up over half the room. And then there's the sewing table and my desk and the computer. You get the picture. I started to organize all of our 2005 paperwork to make room for the 2006 stuff. But I didn't quite get it all put away. So - I guess I know what I should be doing this afternoon!

What's everyone else up to?


  1. I love this pattern. and the colours work so well for a small child...

  2. Hey you! I actually finished another GFG block. Four down, who knows how many to go? I got six Stack the Deck blocks done and I put a denim quilt on the machine. Starting a little meander on it, so I can work around the seams. Eva has a MRI and a CAT scan scheduled for next Thursday. Hopefully that will rule out some worries. Glad to help with the needle predicament. Did you get your filing done?

  3. Love the little quilt for Linus, Sarah..I think it's such a great idea and thing to get those odds and ends used up. You BIG quilt looks wonderful on the bed..but boy, oh boy, is it big!! All the more of it to love tho..*VBS* I've taking the baby quilt out the frame in a minute and going to get the binding sewn on..*G*

  4. It's fun and bright and some kid will LOVE it.