Saturday, December 15, 2007

It was bound to happen someday....

Yes, today I sewed through my finger - the tip of my middle finger on my right hand. Still not sure how it happened. Maddie was sewing right beside me on the featherweight and I was using the newer Singer. I had to reach around with my left hand and crank the wheel up so the needle would come out. Then there was the matter of the thread that seemed to have no end - just running through my finger. By this time I am beginning to panic and have to call Maddie back into the room to clip the thread - she had run out when it happened! It only bled for about 1 minute. It still isn't very sore. Nina should be proud that I didn't faint! I remember when she sewed through her finger.

When I called to tell my mom what I had done, she said she hoped that her Christmas gift was already finished! Ah, can't you just feel the love!

Time to go get back on the horse!


  1. Oh my gosh! That sounds awful. I hope it heals quickly!

    P.S. I think we are having e-mail issues between us! I still haven't received your e-mail about your address - is the one I have for you okay? My e-mail address is Thanks!!

  2. Hope the finger still isn't hurting today.
    What is your daughter making?
    Loved your mom's comment after you telling her what happened!
    just made me laugh.

  3. YIKES! I think the shock takes away the pain for a little while - I hope it's OK!

  4. Ow, Ow, Ow! Knock on wood, hasn't happened to me yet - but I remember my mom doing it (more than once, I think)...

    I assume you are updated on Tetanus?

  5. ouch! I am glad that you are ok. I almost did that about 2 weeks ago. scared me half to death.