Friday, July 14, 2006

Try, try again!

Ok, let's see if blogger wants to play nice today!

Here is the picture of the baby quilt I am working on for my new niece/nephew. Do you know how hard it is to get a good picture of a quilt made from soft yellow and white fabrics? I had to adjust the contrast in Photoshop so you could have some idea of the pattern.

Blogger seems to be in a better mood today - so let's share some more pics from the grand adventure in Tennessee.

Here are the girls in their adorable dresses that Nina made. The front panel is faux-redwork, done on Nina's sister's MIL's expensive embroidery machine. Got all that? Me and Nina used to make the girls lots of matching dresses when they were littler. Is littler a real word?

Here is my sweet Papa reading to the kids. Notice the beautiful quilt at the foot of the bed. Such stunning workmanship. Yes, I am humble!

In honor of Nina's love of all things ORANGE - my mother came up with an orange food dinner. You had your choice of baby carrots, cantaloupe, orange jello with oranges in it, and BBQ pork with an orangey BBQ sauce. No, this was not planned - but we all found it quite funny!

Yet another sweet picture of Eva, Maddie and Bekah. They were all so glad to see each other. When Nina pulled into the drive way, Maddie started squealing at the top of her lungs and ran to the car, jerked the door open, and could hardly wait for Eva to get out so she could hug her!

And lastly, here is Nina, modeling her t-shirt I made for her.

Time to go clean up the kitchen and get dinner together. Nothing has gotten done around here today. We spent from 8:30 a.m. till 12:30 p.m. up at the grade school putting together the school supply kits that will be for sale on "Meet the teacher" night. We made up about 200 paper bags full of school supplies. I love school supplies! After lunch at Burger King, we headed to Walmart to buy our own school stuff. Ian was so excited that he got to buy school supplies this year.

Ok, ok - dinner time!


  1. glad blogger was playing more nicely today with you, as the pics are great.

  2. Wow! Two days in a row! What a bonus for your loyal readers, especially me, since I haven't gotten to talk to you at any length since you left here. The pictures are good. Hope Maddie's eye is better.

    Love you, Naomi

  3. If I were a yellow person, I most definately would want this quilt. Great work. Likes like fun was had by all on your recent vacation.

  4. Great baby quilt!

    I've really been enjoying all your pictures - three pretty little girls, all your painted t-shirts, even the orange dinner! Sounds like you've been having fun.

  5. I love the yellow baby is so sweet!