Tuesday, July 25, 2006

New (borrowed) toys!

I have been notified (again!) by several members of my family that my blog has not been updated since Friday. Sorry! Friday and Saturday were spent giving the house a very thorough house cleaning in order to have the new preacher and his family over for dinner Sunday night. Monday I cleaned up the dinner mess, read for a while, and spent the afternoon shopping for an armoire for the TV. Finally gave in and ordered the one I really liked from Rooms-to-go. We had gone there last Friday and seen it in person. The only thing is I now have to wait until August 30th for it to be delivered. Do I have that much patience? We also ordered a mission style leather chair from JCPenney. Hopefully that should arrive this week.

I managed to get the binding and the label on my dad's quilt. Wanted to get it and my mom's QOV in the mail to them today. The quilting really helped this quilt out. Maybe it would be more interesting if you used pieced blocks for the nine inch squares.

Tonight I went over and borrowed my friend Christie's embroidery machine. She assured me I could figure it out without her there holding my hand. After speed reading thru the manual, I gave it a whirl. I broke a needle because the white thread I was using for the star centers got caught on the edge of the spool. But we got the needle replaced and was able to start over and make it thru with no further excitement. Ian thought it was interesting that the machine would go by itself. The first time he came in, he looked under the table and saw no foot pedal so he started asking questions. Later he came back while I had gone out of the room for a moment and he just stood there in amazement. Tomorrow I am going to try and make a couple of quilt labels with this machine. We shall see!


  1. Did you make a dozen of the 'Sweet Dreams' labels...that could be your trademark, you know.

  2. Do you have a picture of this machine... I too would find it fascinating...

  3. Yes, even I was feeling a bit rejected every time I would pop in on your site and find... nothin' new. I know what you mean about the house cleaning...er... I would know as I need to do it. But then I figure I'll wait til the last minute and then try to do it and give up when I run out of time and say, "Oh well!" Now if I could just skip to the "Oh well!" part without the stressful trying to clean part... Love the sweet dreams- it would be a cool logo!

  4. I like the label too!

    Now you're making me want an embroidery machine... lol.