Friday, June 2, 2006

More t-shirts!

I got around to going to Walmart and getting some orange paint so that I could finish my nephew's t-shirt. I needed orange for the beak and feet. And no, I did not have any red paint either so I couldn't make my own orange! In case you can't figure it out, my niece LOVES Pink!

I also got Nine's b-day quilt loaded onto the quilting machine, but I am still trying to decide how to quilt it. I got my last order from Huckleberry Quilts for Aurifil thread. They have decided to no longer carry it and are having a huge clearance sale. Their prices were amazing to start with and now are to good to be true. Check out the website for more information.

My mom has pieced another baby quilt for another cousin who is having their first baby. I took her the fabric in April. She has the top pieced and has passed it back to me for the quilting. I think the baby is due in June so I'd better get a move on it! I also need to start the quilt for my BIL and SIL - whose baby is due in August. I have a whole pile of things to make them - the baby quilt, a hooded towel, and a flannel two-sided blankie. I found some flannel at Jo-Ann's that has the old-fashioned Pooh Bears floating around with a bunch a balloons. The pictures and colors are soft - not the bright primary colors. I bought a pale yellow for the back.

Last weekend I pulled out some blocks I had been working on and threw them together to see how big it would end up. It made the perfect size for a certain 1 year old baby boy that I know, but I won't mention names, in case he is reading this over his mama's shoulder. (I have VERY bright nieces and nephews.)

Speaking of my niece and nephews, me and my sister have some very unusual things in common. I have one niece (my sister's DD) and the 4 nephews. My sister has one nephew (my DS) and 4 nieces. Hhmmm! We also both married men that go by their middle names. We also both have the same mother and father. Coincidence? I think not!

OK, it is obviously time for bed! Hope everyone has a great weekend.


  1. Waaaaaaaah! Why did you have to mention the sell-out of the Aurifil thread?! I got an email earlier this week... I didn't want to accept it as true! Waaaaaaaaaaah! Better stock up, huh? :)

  2. Those shirts are wa-a-ay cool! You've done a super job on them.

  3. Those t-shirts are adorable! The kids will love them! And BTW, the next nephew baby isn't due until September, so you can relax a little!

    love, grams

  4. Very very cute. Or qute. That's quilter for cute. Amazing how you and your sister are actually related. I love the little bits of my quilt showing around the edges. With all that blue, though, I'm wondering if I didn't get enough orange in yours! Teasing. Can't wait 'til our retreat.

  5. The penguins are so sweet - look very full of fish to me :o)

  6. Your t-shirt gifts are adorable, Sarah! What a great idea...and fun to make, I'll bet! Those penguins are my favorite!

    Thanks for the invitation to go shopping for thread! Just when I was going to let my credit card relax a bit....

  7. Your shirts are so special!! Great Job!

  8. Your coincidences with your sister are funny!

    Did you get started quilting on Nines' quilt?

    Judy L.

  9. Sarah, the tshirts are adorable. I remember when I did stuff like that for/with my kids. I like the penguins just fine, but I REALLY like the butterfly! I also thought the model in the previous post was a handsome fellow!