Monday, June 26, 2006

Did you need to cry today?

Ok, I am warning you now - get your kleenax ready. Have a seat. Take a deep breath. Are you ready?

Legacy by Naomi L. Wright, June 2006

Happy the child whose bed is laid
With linens loving hands have made;
The babe who buries tired head
‘Neath Auntie’s stitch and Grams’ thread.

Happy the child who helps to sew
For sibling he has yet to know;
The child who sees how patience built
The blocks that now become a quilt.

Happy the babe who greets the world
And finds her precious quilt unfurled;
Who ends each day in dream-filled rest,
Contented in her quilted nest.

Happy the child who plays for hours
Endowed by cape with super-powers;
Snuggles into Papa’s lap
For boxcar stories and a nap.

Happy the child who spies and savors
Fabrics in the shade she favors;
Find their way to Auntie’s hand
Then crafted into gift so grand.

Happy the children, when they’re grown,
Who tell to children of their own
Of one whose heart and sweat of brow
Are in the quilt that holds THEM now!


  1. This is a wonderful poem, what an irreplacable gift! A quilt made with words..

  2. Priceless. Beautiful. How fortunate you are, Sarah! And what a talent Naomi has!

  3. Awww, what a great poem.

    How'd the dye party go?

  4. Wow, beautiful! What a wonderful sister you have, and what a wonderful Auntie you are to have had this written for you. May I print it off and share it with my guild?

  5. For some reason my link kept going back to a February post...and to think I missed THIS. Lovely, lovely, lovely.