Monday, April 9, 2007

Words that start with "B" (a.k.a. my new excuses)

After my little fall off of the "no-buy" wagon over spring break, I got to thinking about the self-imposed rules. Most of us will agree that there are several B words that are allowable purchases - backing, borders, batting, bindings.

I came up with several other B words that I might have to allow:

1 - Babies - I have several baby quilts in my near future and I don't have a lot baby friendly colors in my stash. Both are going to be boy quilts. One mama-to-be is considering chocolate brown and light blue. That would so cute!

2 - Blues - just to depress Nines!

3 - things for Best Buddies! Surely, Nina will approve of this one!

4 - Bribery - I needed to buy some fat quarters for my mom - to bribe her into ever wanting to be left alone with 4 or 5 grandchildren again! It worked!

5 - just B-cause!

I got the blue and yellow hearts quilt quilted today. Now all that is left is my favorite part - the binding. In case you can't tell, that was me being sarcastic! I am subbing on Wednesday and then again next Monday and Tuesday, so I would really like to get this quilt out of the way.

Got to go make some chocolate chip cookies for the family!


  1. I like the B-cause excuse the Best! And lol here; I was excited to think someone else in the world liked binding, but no, I'm still the Lonely Binder....hee hee! Have fun!

  2. I love your "B"asically sound reasons for buying fabric. I would have to say I would go along with them.

  3. You forgot my 2 favorite "B" words - Bargain and Bolt!

  4. Check out my chocolate and light blue quilt at my latest post...

  5. You are a truly inspired woman, Sarah.

    How about Beach trips?

    I'm heading to Calif. next week and I'm sure I'll have to stop at a quilt shop or two. Does that qualify? lol!

  6. Best buds, sounds like a good reason to me! Love ya! Nines

  7. Hi Sarah - this is my first time at your blog and I have really enjoyed my visit!! Your quilts are fantastic - I will definitely be back to snoop!!

  8. Now Sarah, lime green and red can work perfectly well together in a quilt! Check out my post from yesterday! lol

  9. I love the "B" words! I swear off buying until I enter the shops! I just found your blog and really enjoy your profound sense of humor!