Thursday, January 18, 2007

Quilting away...

I have had fun this week - quilting away. So far I have gotten two and a half tops done. The baby quilt is done. The Denyse Schmidt top that Susan sent me is done. The loud lime green top I made last summer is about half done. Maybe tomorrow I will even get my mom's bones quilt loaded on.

The only problem with getting all these tops quilted is that I will have a pile of quilts that need to have the binding put on them. As Nina will testify - binding is my least favorite part. I have got to at least get the baby quilt bound before next Saturday. Surely I can do it in a week!


  1. I'm with you on the binding being a non-favorite part. I dislike pinning more though. I have seen easy binding methods but never tried any of them. The good thing is that it means the quilt is nearly done.

  2. Good luck with the binding!! Glad you have gotten so much done this week. Me? Not so much, but I am starting to recover so maybe soon... Love ya! Nina

  3. WOW I love that lime green -- Great! And binding? Maybe my favorite part - it always means the home stretch. Have fun!