Monday, November 13, 2006

Presents in the mail

In today's mail, I received this lovely gift from my friend Jim - the solider who I made the star quilt for. He is a blackhawk helicopter pilot and has been in Iraq numerous times.
The paper says " Operation Iraqi Freedom, This American Flag was flown aboard a MH-60K Blackhawk on a combat mission in September 2006. For Sarah Norman , Your support of the troops, those injured in combat, my family and for me will not be forgotten. Thank you! Jim Boyd" In the bottom left is a small picture of Jim in front of his helicopter. In the right hand corner is a picture of his units insignia. He also quoted Aristole, "We make war that we may live in peace."
How cool is that?


  1. Way cool! What a wonderful gift!

  2. Wow - that's an incredible gift. You have truly touched this soldier with your gift of kindness.

  3. During Desert Storm I recieved a small wall hanging from a woman in West Virginia. It was one of the few things that made it home with me. Reminders of being someplace where life is safe and "normal" mean a lot when you are there. I'm sure he loves the quilt and will treasure it for a long time.

  4. What a memory. Kind of neat knowing your quilt made a difference to someone else.

  5. What a treasure! He obviously has been deeply touched by your quilt and your friendship and support.

  6. Oh, Sarah! That is *real* cool! It will be a family treasure I'm quite sure!

    Nice to know your gift was appreciated, huh?

    Judy L.

  7. What a wonderful treasure for you, and just such a touching gift. How lovely that you've been able to meet and spend time with someone lucky enough to receive one of your quilts.

  8. that is VERY cool. good for you!