Saturday, May 27, 2006

Look what we made!

Looky, looky! My daughter has been bugging me all week to make these t-shirts. First we had to find the paint. Then I made the mistake of buying t-shirts with pockets. Didn't realize it until the next time I was at Walmart and saw the ones without pockets! Then we were waiting on DH to bring home his little exacto blade with the handle. Still hasn't happened but I managed to cut most of it out with my rotary cutter. The kids each chose their own design and then helped me paint it. I had to use my heavy duty wax paper to make the stencil. We also put a piece on the inside so the paint wouldn't seep through to the back.

I think they turned out really cute. I have several ideas floating around in my head. Hhhmmmm.....

Ooopps - forgot to tell you where you could find some directions. I first saw it done on Quilter's Buzz - and she refers you Please share pictures if you try this for yourself.


  1. Hi Sarah, I'm not sure how much you are paying now for the thread you mentioned, but I did see it offered for sale yesterday at

    There was a link on Keryn's blog..pages from me. I followed it to see what fabrics were available. They do have alot of colors of that kind of could check it out.

  2. Great looking t-shirts, Sarah! That would make a fun project for a small group.

  3. i love these shirts, and so did my daughter. we might just try these...